Mode opératoire à suivre pour collecter des informations et étayer l'ouverture d'un ticket au support DATTO

As a first step, please open a brand new session of Autotask the following way:

1. Clear your temporary Internet files Cookies and Cache, (ctrl, shift, delete) and uncheck "Preserve Favorites Website Data"

2.Close all open browser windows. Then open a fresh window and login to Autotask again These steps ensure that your session renews with our web servers.


Should this not resolve the issue or if the slowness impacts all of the Autotask users within your company, our Technology Department has created an automated script that can be used to assist in diagnosing this type of issue. Before running this tool, please answer the following questions:

1. Is the Autotask application hanging or does the browser present a not responding message with an option to close it down? Hanging

2. What actions are you performing within Autotask when the problem occurs? View/Edit a company Form, a ticket, an asset...

3. Do you experience the same behavior when using other browsers?

4. Are other users at your company experiencing this problem as well?

5. Do you experience the same performance issues when connecting to the Autotask supplied bypass URL for your zone? https://eu1.autotask.net

You can download the CDT Utility here:


Please run this tool at the time you are experiencing the issue. This will give us a full view of your connectivity at the time of the problem. Instructions on using the CDT are below. Please take a few moments and run though the script on your local machine.


All connectivity and latency tickets should now include the log files generated by the CDT.

1. Once downloaded, extract or unzip the files and run the Autotask CDT.bat file

2. The CDT script will start in a DOS window and prompt to select a zone

3. After confirming to start the test, the CDT will collect information perform connectivity tests

4. Once finished, the results will be saved to a log file and the CDT script will close

5. The contents of the logs folder should be emailed to support for review Once the tool is successfully run, please attach the results in your email reply.

We will then forward this information on to our Technology team for further review. If you have not already, please also subscribe to our Status Page in order to be proactively alerted of any trending issues. (status.datto.com.)